ACEF 2018 Speaker

Agostinho Miguel Garcia

Principal Consultant,
Sun Business Development


The guest speaker has more than 15 years of technical experience developing, designing and constructing solar power plants (PV and CSP) as well as developing solar thermal and PV equipment, though his knowledge and experience also spans almost all Renewable Energies as well as Energy Efficiency. He has experience across all continents and more than 20 countries, including consultancy on solar power for investors, banks, EPC companies, solar manufacturers, governments and multi-lateral development institutions including the Asian Development Bank. Additionally he is an expert in solar parks development in India and South Africa, having designed and supported the development and implementation of Bhadla Solar park in Rajasthan. He has a Masters in Physics Engineering with a thesis on solar power from Instituto Superior Técnico in Portugal obtained in 2000.


  • Deep Dive Workshop - The Eleventh Meeting of Asia Solar Energy Forum

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