ACEF 2018 Speaker

Hui YU

General Manager,
China General Certification Center


2007-2012 Doctoral Researcher, Delft University of Technology
2005-2007 Master, Tsinghua University
2001-2005 Bachelor, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Work Background
Convener of IECRE REMC WG008 Hybrid/Microgrid Systems
China General Certification Centre
Tsinghua University
Delft University of Technology

Work Experience

  • A lot of work experience in the field of renewable energy;
  • Engaged in research and development of solar-related policies and related technologies;
  • Led and participated in a large number of research projects in renewable energy by working closely with domestic and international experts;
  • Participated in the preparation of a number of photovoltaic-related IEC international standards;
  • Contributed to the formulation of renewable energy related policies, the promotion of technology assessments, and the development of China's renewable energy industry as an expert;
  • Experienced at testing and certification in the field of solar energy,

including modules, converters and so on.


  • Deep Dive Workshop - Scaling-Up Solar PV Deployment: Implementing Projects with Assured Quality

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