ACEF 2020 Speaker

Jinmiao Xu

Energy Specialist
Asian Development Bank

Jinmiao Xu works in Energy Sector Group within the Department of Sustainable Development and Climate Change of Asian Development Bank, where he is responsible for (i) contribute to ADB’s energy sector quality-at-entry and innovations, focusing on renewable energy and conventional clean energy power generation including cutting edge technology, system integration technologies and energy policy; (ii) provide technical advice and support to lending and non-lending operations in the regional departments; (iii) process and administer regional technical assistance; (iv) contribute to the formulation and implementation for regional cooperation and integration; (v) conduct knowledge work.

Mr. Xu led more than three R&D projects within laboratory center of Fujian Longking Co., Ltd, where is responsible for researching ,testing, verifying, designing and simulating work, and developed the world-class large testing devices for flue gas dust collection and analyzing platforms for air pollutants.

Mr. Xu has fourteen years of experience in energy field, designing and managing thermal power plant mechanical engineering and working in EPC project site. His expertise includes domestic and global energy and environmental technologies, policies, and programs. Earlier management responsibilities included technology development programs for advanced power systems and environmental protection technologies.

Mr. Xu received a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Engineering from North China Electric Power University, and a Master of Science degree in Thermal Engineering from the Tsinghua University. He has more than 14 published academic papers, 2 authorized patents and 2 ministial awards.