ACEF 2019 Speaker

Kanika Chawla

Senior Program Lead
Council on Energy, Environment and Water

Kanika Chawla is a policy specialist, working at the intersection of India’s two revolutions: in renewable energy and in financial markets. As Senior Program Lead at the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), Kanika manages The Council’s work on renewable energy policy, markets, finance, and socio--‐economic benefits. Her current responsibilities include: analyzing financial risks affecting renewable energy investments in India, decoding market dynamics, managing The Council’s periodic surveys on RE jobs, and convening a high--‐level working group on renewable energy finance (comprising investors, developers and manufacturers). She is actively engaged with private and public enterprises within and outside India to design and develop new financial de- -‐risking instruments and new financial institutions, such as green banks. Her research has been used within government, by electricity regulators, and by international agencies and strategic philanthropies. She is actively engaged in the Council's initiative, Women in Sustainability.