ACEF 2019 Speaker

Pradeep Tharakan

Principal Energy Specialist
Asian Development Bank

As a Principal Energy Specialist at the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Pradeep Tharakan, manages ADB’s energy sector programs in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos. Pradeep has spent the last 8 years working closely with senior government officials, private sector entities and the civil society in ADB’s member countries, to design and deliver large public investment programs in clean energy, and provide policy advice. He is currently leading the development of a large solar park project in Cambodia as a public-private partnership, developing an investment project focused on distribution expansion and cross-border power trade in Laos, and advising MEA/PEA in Thailand on decentralized solar generation combined with storage, and energy efficiency investments. He is also working with the Malaysian government on their renewable energy roadmap for 2030. Previously, Pradeep was ADB’s energy sector lead for Indonesia during 2012-2016, where he was responsible for a portfolio of nearly 1.3 billion USD. Pradeep has a PhD in Energy and Natural Resources Management, a MBA, and a master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration.