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Please note that online registration for ACEF 2019 is now closed. Only walk-in registration is available now.

ACEF is one of Asia’s leading clean energy events. People from all across the globe get together each year in June in Manila to participate in the week long ACEF deliberations. This year, our focus is on how we can partner for impact and effectively use knowledge to increase the scale and speed of clean energy deployment in the region. Check out Week at a Glance to know more. An exciting, insightful week full of networking opportunities awaits you!

Registration Rate

5-Day Pass 250.00 USD
3-Day Pass 150.00 USD
2-Day Pass 75.00 USD

Registration FAQs

The full conference registration fee includes access to:

  • All Deep Dive Workshops, Technical Sessions and Special Events (excluding invite-only events)
  • Event app whereby you can access all conference materials including presentations
  • Lunches, refreshments and evening cocktail receptions Don’t forget to avail the early bird offer which expires on May 15, 2019.

Please write to us at acef@adb.org if you have any questions.



  • Thematic Track Sessions: These tracks form the core of the main Forum. In 2019, ACEF will consist of five integrated thematic tracks, each closely linked to the key operational priorities of ADB's 2030 Strategy:
    • Energy and Livable Cities
    • Energy and Water Sustainability
    • Energy and Rural Poverty Alleviation
    • Energy and Innovative Finance
    • Clean Energy Trends and Directions
  • Deep Dive Workshops (DDWs): In contrast to the Thematic Tracks, the DDWs are highly focused sessions that help you gain in-depth knowledge on specific topics of interest. From grid integration to energy storage to gender diversity, DDWs have something to offer to everyone! ACEF 2018 had a total of 16 DDWs in 2018.
  • Knowledge Dim Sum: Sharing knowledge couldn’t get any tastier! Meet clean energy entrepreneurs who are breaking into the Asia market with their innovative clean energy technologies and initiatives!



Each year we bring you some of the best speakers from the clean energy sector globally. Be it visionary keynote speakers or technology experts, we always strive to have a great line up of speakers and thought leaders! Some keynote speakers of previous ACEFs include Amory Lovins, Co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute; Rachel Kyte, CEO and UN Secretary General’s Special Representative, Sustainable Energy for All Initiative; Bunker Roy, Founder of Barefoot College; and Zhenrong Shi, Founder of Suntech.


ACEF provides a great platform to be heard and noticed – not just by your peers but also by investors – and make a real impact on the ground. Read a recent success story about ACEF-inspired investments into high-efficiency transmission technology below.


ADB and three technology vendors—3M,CTC Global, and Sumitomo/J-Power—organized a DDW on energy-efficient high-temperature low-sag (HTLS) conductors at ACEF 2015. The DDW included multiple case studies from transmission installations in ADB Developing Member Countries and helped increase awareness on HTLS advantages amongst ACEF participants, and recommend HTLS conductors as an industry standard.

HTLS conductors provide higher capacity and efficiency and can reduce line losses by 25 to 40 percent while doubling transmission capacity. The vendors and DMC transmission companies shared the benefits of HTLS solutions with ACEF participants at the DDW and the discussions and connections carried forward after ACEF 2015. This ultimately led to new sales opportunities for ADB funded transmission projects in Bangladesh (where CTC Global's ACCC is now the default choice for new lines), Nepal, and Pakistan. The market for upgrading existing high-voltage lines via conductor replacement presents an excellent opportunity for ADB to expand its energy efficiency financing portfolio.


  • Networking Day: Enjoy networking with your peers from across the globe – on Monday of ACEF week, a day before the Main Forum starts! This is your day to register for the Forum, collect your badge and network with ACEF participants as you get ready for a week of clean energy conversations!
  • Networking Events: ACEF provides formal networking opportunities too! For instance, the ADB on the Ground session where you can meet with ADB staff during an interactive session.
  • Receptions: What could be better than to unwind after a long day of sessions, with more relaxed, informal discussions with ACEF participants over cocktail receptions in the evening?
  • Connections over App: You can now “swipe right” on the ACEF mobile app to connect with other ACEF participants and set up meetings as per your convenience.


  • Instagram Photo Contest: The ACEF 2018 Photo Contest was a big hit, and we will run a similar contest in ACEF 2019. Time for all amateur and professional photographers from ADB Member Countries to get ready to submit breathtaking photos of clean energy and take part in this contest. Stay tuned for more information in our newsletters and social media!
  • Social Media Influencer: As a new feature this year, we will run a Twitter campaign and award the participant who posts the most Tweets using our hashtag and helps us in promoting clean energy. More details will be provided soon.
  • Raffle Draw: Yes, there are prizes for simply participating in ACEF! Last year, eight lucky participants won six iPad minis and two iPads, graciously sponsored by the Islamic Development Bank.