ACEF Speaker

Akifumi Ohashi

CTO, Board Of Directors,
Sustech, Inc.

Mr. Ohashi holds a Master’s degree in Astronautics from the University of Tokyo, where he specialized in liquid rocket engines and the management of cryogenic fuels, such as liquid hydrogen. He played a key role in the collaborative development of hydrogen transport ships with a major transportation company. After graduation, he transitioned into business development, merging his engineering expertise and data analytics skills to drive innovation. He has spearheaded the development of new business ventures across multiple ASEAN countries, including Vietnam, China, and Mongolia. Furthermore, he launched and managed an IT platform as the PMO, successfully guiding it to acquisition by a publicly listed company. Currently, as the CTO/COO at Sustech, he leads the design and development of the AI-based electricity management platform ELIC, with the mission of advancing a society powered by renewable energy and beyond.


  • Session 4.2: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the Industrial Sector