ACEF Speaker

Alexander Ablaza

Co-Chair, Marketplace Taskforce,
Mission Efficiency

The last 23 years of Alex Ablaza’s 38-year professional career has been dedicated to growing energy efficiency and other clean energy technology deployment in 14 Asian markets through the identification, due diligence and financial close of over $3 billion in direct investments, and also through catalytic market and policy interventions. Across Asia and the Middle East, he currently provides energy efficiency expertise with the objective of scaling up energy efficiency capital flows through innovative finance, investment structures and policy reform. He convened and chairs the Asia-Pacific ESCO Industry Alliance and the Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance. He co-founded the Global ESCO Network and co-chairs a taskforce of the global coalition, Mission Efficiency. Wearing his investment hat, he designed and heads Climargy, the world’s pioneer private Super-ESCO aggregator of ESCO project assets. Alex is armed with 35 years of project and corporate management experience, and an educational background in civil engineering (BSCE) and business economics (MBE).


  • Session 3.4: Enabling Conditions and Drivers for Energy Efficiency