ACEF Speaker

Andrea Bertello

Director, Country Engagement & Partnerships,
Greenmap Asbl

Andrea is the Director of Country Engagement & Partnerships at Greenmap Asbl (Global Renewable Energy Mass Adoption Program), an impact driven, non-profit organisation specialised in supporting governments in developing economies to unlock and scale up renewable energy investments and cheaper clean energy generation. Previous to working for Greenmap Andrea worked for Trinergy Ltd., a wind energy asset manager based in Dublin and New Energy Finance in London (current BNEF). He has been involved in the creation of three ventures, spanning from renewable energy consultancy (based in Buenos Aires, Argentina), to the development of a digital energy management platform and analytics for energy efficiency, small-scale renewable energy and hybrid systems. Andrea holds a degree in economics (Torino, Italy) and an MA in Sustainable International Development (Brandeis University, MA, US).


  • Session 2.1: Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Clean Energy