ACEF Speaker 2021

Anindya Bhattacharya

Executive Director,
The Celestial Earth

Anindya is having more than eighteen years of research and consulting experience in the field of energy planning and policy across the world. He has worked with more than dozens of national governments in Asia while developing national and regional energy plans and policies. Anindya is extensively working in the area of climate mitigation using optimal energy systems analysis modelling tools like MESSAGEix. He is also specialized in the macroeconomic impact assessment of energy and environmental policies using general equilibrium modeling tools like CGE. Anindya is currently leading the energy and climate change division of a research organization The Celestial Earth, in India. He is now actively involved with the National Institute of Transformational India (NITI Aayog) of Govt. of India developing national energy model and also with State governments developing State level energy model and planning tool. Anindya is also the Team Leader of the on-going ADB TA on developing low carbon technology road map for SDG and NDC target achievement and beyond. Anindya obtained his PhD in Energy Science from Kyoto University, Japan and MS in Resource Economics from West Virginia University, USA.

Anindya’s current research interest are:

  • Sub-national energy systems model for India
  • Deep decarbonization and net zero emissions
  • Water-energy-land-use nexus and spatial analysis
  • Sustainable urban energy system
  • Macroeconomic impact assessment of climate mitigation and adaptation policies


  • Session 1.3 Deep Dives at the City, National, and Regional Levels