ACEF Speaker

Bakhtiyor Shamsiev

Head of Power Systems’ Electrical Modes Department,
CDC Energia

After graduating from the Tashkent State Technical University in 2006, Shamsiev Bakhtiyor Khamidillaevich worked as a Duty Electrician of the electric substation at Central Main Power Transmission Lines “Uzzlektroset”, (SJSC Uzbekenergo). In 2008, he went to work at the Central Dispatch Service (now the National Dispatch Center (NDC)) of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, where he worked his way up from a dispatcher to the head of the Electrical Modes Service of the NDC. In 2012, he moved to the International non-governmental non-profit organization Coordination and Dispatch Center ""Energia"" as a dispatcher 2016 he was appointed Deputy Head of the Power Systems’ Electrical Modes Department. Since 2019, he is currently the Head of the Power Systems’ Electrical Modes Department. In parallel, since 2015, he has been providing consulting services in regional projects.


  • Spotlight Session: Clean Energy Integration: Advancing Regional Power Trade in Asia-Pacific