ACEF Speaker 2021

Bongraoi Arebaio

Student, Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours),
Griffith university, Australia.

I’m Bongraoi Arebaio currently studying, at Griffith University under the Australian Award Scholarship Scheme from Kiribati. I am currently in my third year pursuing a degree in software engineering after completing my diploma in engineering at Griffiths College, where I was awarded the Valedictorian Medal in 2019. As a member of the first team to represent Kiribati at the First Global Robotics competition in New Mexico 2018, I was able to experience firsthand the importance of STEM on issues that were happening globally and impacting on our tiny Pacific countries. It exposed me to global issues and how technology and science play an important part in developing solutions for real world issues. I am also highly interested in issues that will affect my small island country Kiribati which is surrounded by a vast area of ocean because I-Kiribati people rely greatly on the ocean for their livelihood. I hope to become an advocate on issues impacting on Pacific Island countries as well as Kiribati.


  • Regional Session: Navigating the New Normal in a Fragile Pacific (ADB - Pacific Regional Department)