ACEF Speaker

Celia García-Baños

Programme Officer - Policy, Socioeconomics and Gender,
International Renewable Energy Agency

Celia García-Baños is Programme Officer - Policy, Gender and Socioeconomics in IRENA’s Knowledge Policy and Finance Centre in Abu Dhabi. Celia is a chemical engineer from the Industrial Engineering School of the Technical University of Madrid. She holds a master's in Water and Environmental Engineering from Masdar Institute. Within IRENA’s Knowledge Policy and Finance Centre, she works on a diverse range of subjects, in topics related to policy assessment and socio-economic impacts of renewable energy, including jobs and gender. In this regard, Celia’s efforts focus on producing up-to-date and authoritative renewable energy data and on identifying best practice within the renewable energy sector to achieve an inclusive global energy transition.


  • Session 1.2: Gender-Responsive Energy Policies and Programs