ACEF Speaker

Cindy Cisneros Tiangco

Principal Energy Specialist,
Asian Development Bank

Cindy Cisneros Tiangco, PhD, M.Eng, EE. With close to 30 years’ experience in international development, Cindy’s 11 years of work in ADB continues to pave the way for significant renewable energy development in Central and West Asia, and the Pacific. Cindy catalyzed the first solar project in Afghanistan, conceptualized the first energy sector financial intermediation project in Armenia, and introduced the auction mechanism in Kazakhstan. Cindy ushered Uzbekistan’s shift to solar through the establishment of the International Solar Energy Institute, and the Uzbekistan solar roadmap, with projects now being implemented by international financing institutions and the private sector. Cindy pioneered ADB’s push for floating solar, starting with pilot projects in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyz Republic. In the Pacific, Cindy is leading ADB’s first energy projects in Kiribati and Tuvalu, and the first two projects under the floating solar roadmap for 11 Pacific island countries. Cindy pioneered ADB’s first design-build-operate contract procurement and first cross-sectoral joint procurement.


  • Session 4.1: Current Status and Future Trends in Renewable Energy in Asia and the Pacific
  • Deep Dive Workshop: An Ocean of Energy