ACEF Speaker

Dan Renner

Engine EcoPhils, Inc.

Mr. Renner has been a racing sailboat crewman, a business owner since 16, an ex-US Navy mechanical/electrical/etc technician & trainer and a person who likes to make things better in general. While working his computer service business in 1995 he chanced upon an engine fuel burn enhancing device and had the idea that he could do better. In 2009 he sold his business and started working on the R&D full time. The result is that the highly effective, government-verified, university-proven & otherwise heavily tested and patented very low-cost invention, the "Carbon Cutter". Having read the IEA's prediction that EVs cannot make a big enough dent in GHG level goals for 2030, he has been working on getting projects started around the world in an effort to assist countries in meeting their United Nations NDC and SDG goals for the year 2030 and beyond.