ACEF Speaker

David Von Hippel

Climate Resilient Energy System Expert,
David Von Hippel Analysis and Planning

David’s work for the Asian Development Bank since 2013 has focused on climate resilience assessments and other analyses of energy systems and infrastructure under a changing climate. As an independent consultant based in Eugene, Oregon, David works and has worked for many agencies, including ADB, the United Nations, the World Bank, Nautilus Institute, USAID, and many others on a broad range of energy and environmental topics in dozens of countries. Many of the projects completed during David’s 35-plus years in the field have involved analysis of renewable and other energy systems for electricity generation and meeting other energy needs. Development and evaluation of economy-wide future energy scenarios and integration of climate change issues in energy systems planning, and capacity building in same, has been a major focus. David holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Energy and Resources (University of California-Berkeley) and M.A. and B.S. degrees (University of Oregon).


  • Spotlight Session: Energy Systems for Climate Resilience: Strategic and Technical Solutions