ACEF Speaker

Dongkyu Shin

Vice President,
Doosan Enerbility

Vice President Dong-gyu Shin has more than 28 years of experience of design, business management, and strategic planning in power generation sector. He is currently an executive in charge of Service/Combined Cycle Power Plant Design, supervise gas turbine and hydrogen turbine application combined cycle power plant Eng. Mgmt. and the development of ammonia-utilizing power generation technologies such as ammonia co-firing/ammonia cracking, and is responsible for exploring decarbonization business opportunities in the thermal power generation field. After joining Korea Heavy Industries (currently Doosan Enerbility) in 1996, Vice President Shin Dong-gyu served as a boiler engineer, boiler project manager, power generation strategy and new business development manager, and then as a boiler design executive and wind power turbine design executive until his current role.


  • Deep Dive Workshop: Collaborative Dynamics in Clean Energy: Roles of Governments, International Organizations, and the Private Sector