ACEF Speaker

Dr. Prasanna Rao Dontula

Chief Technology Officer,
ATE Enterprises

Dr. Prasanna Rao Dontula has worked in diverse clean technology and enabling areas such as membranes, effluent and process water treatment, and energy efficiency. Since 2011, he has led the Technology and Product Development activities at A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited in India. Prior to A.T.E., Prasanna held multiple roles with Unilever and General Electric. A.T.E.’s focus over the last fifteen years has been energy and the environment. It develops innovative products and solutions such as comfort conditioners, heat exchangers, solar thermal concentrators and effluent treatment plants for application in diverse industries. A.T.E.'s sustainable cooling product based on its proprietary indirect evaporative cooling technology was a Finalist in the Global Cooling Prize. A.T.E. is also piloting its technology as part of IFC's TechEmerge programme on Sustainable Cooling in Latin America.


  • Deep Dive Workshop: Regional Leadership on Sustainable Cooling and the COP 28 Global Cooling Pledge