ACEF Speaker

Garick Lee

Senior Off-grid Advisor / Off-grid Objective Lead,
USAID-Papua New Guinea Electrification Partnership Activity (USAID-PEP)

Garick Lee is a Senior Off-grid Advisor at the USAID-Papua New Guinea Electrification Partnership Activity (USAID-PEP) where he leads the program’s work on off-grid electrification. He has over 13 years of experience in developing, implementing and managing energy projects and programs in Australia, Southeast Asia, the United States, Africa and the Pacific. This includes roles in developing and implementing mini-grid projects in developing countries such as Myanmar and Liberia, as well as work on energy access programs focused on solar home systems, stand-alone solar and productive use of energy. He holds bachelor degrees in Engineering and Commerce from the University of Western Australia, and a Master’s degree in Renewable Energy from Murdoch University, Australia.