ACEF Speaker

Geeta Singh

Redstack Energy India Private Limited

Impact Investment professional with about 15 years of experience. She has successfully closed transactions of over $1bn, in the clean energy financing space. She has been advising several renewable energy companies and multi-lateral institutions in the clean energy financing sector. She also worked as Short-Term Consultant in the South Asia Regional Energy Participation (SAREP) programme of USAID, where she worked as Clean Energy Financing Specialist, responsible for working on new and innovative clean energy financing opportunities. In her career span of about 15 years, she has worked on various new and innovative clean energy financing in the clean energy sector, focusing on developing the framework for financing new technologies such as EVs, Hybrid Renewable Energy Projects, Round the Clock Renewable Energy Projects, Battery Energy Storage Renewable Energy Projects and Green Hydrogen. She is also currently working on development of Blue Energy with REDstack B.V. and has joined the shareholders of the company, as a co-director, and helped incorporate REDstack Energy India Private Limited. Through her endeavours, the company is looking to set up the world’s first MW scale Blue Energy project in India.


  • Session 1.2: Offshore Wind, Floating Solar and Other Ocean Technologies