ACEF Speaker

Ilse Berdellans Escobar

Energy system analyst,
International Atomic Energy Agency

Ms. Berdellans is an Energy System Analyst of the Planning and Economic Studies (PESS) at the IAEA. PESS helps IAEA Member States make informed energy planning decisions. This support helps countries formulate their energy policy and make investment decisions, including updates to their Nationally Determined Contributions to meet the Paris climate change agreement and fulfilment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Ms. Berdellans is responsible for providing technical backstopping for designing, coordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of technical cooperation projects, at regional and national levels, related to capacity building on energy planning. She also supports the IAEA’s Member States in assessing their needs for capacity building on energy planning and guiding the national teams on evaluation of energy technologies and resources, the economic and environmental implications of electricity projects, comprehensive energy supply-demand studies for identification of the potential contribution of carbon-free energy technologies and formulation of energy master plans.