ACEF Speaker

Jae Hyung Yoo

Chief Executive of Business Development,

Born in Seoul in 1971, he has obtained his academic credentials including bachelor’s degree from the Korea University and then master’s degree from the Sejong-Syracuse Global MBA. Jae Hyung Yoo is the chief executive of CARBONCO Pte. Ltd., leading the project development teams tasked with the business of CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage), Clean Hydrogen, and Ammonia. Mr. Yoo works for DL E&C (a.k.a. Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd.) concurrently, working as a vice president of the plant division. Having been a key member of DL group for 27 years, he demonstrated skillful leadership in effectively handling various roles from finance to sales & marketing, and project development. He has gathered special experiences, taking care of a variety of tasks in the Middle East region and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries. Also, he has been the managing director of Tehran Office of DL E&C for over 10 years since 2008, successfully representing the company in Iran, Turkey, Iraq, and CIS countries. After the spin-off of the CCUS department from DL E&C in 2022, he proceeded to widen his career as a key management in CARBONCO Pte. Ltd. Although the challenge of seeking investment for the spin-off company (CARBONCO Pte. Ltd) is his responsibility, he makes remarkable contributions to DL group. Having all the qualifications of a pivotal management and the right experience, he will be speaking on behalf of both DL E&C and CARBONCO. In this event, he will be mainly concentrating on new business opportunities for CCUS and Clean Energy (Blue/Green Hydrogen and Ammonia).


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