ACEF Speaker

Joel Abraham

Chief Executive Officer,
Fijian Competition Consumer Commission

Joel Abraham is the Chief Executive Officer of the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission (FCCC), an independent statutory body established to promote effective competition, an informed market, encourage fair trade, and protect customers and businesses from restrictive practices. Mr. Abraham has extensive business and public sector experience. Immediately prior to taking on the role at FCCC, he was a Regulatory, Compliance, Finance, and Business Advisor in various capacities within the public and private sectors in Australia, Fiji, and Tonga. Mr. Abraham's dedication to consumer welfare is evident through his remarkable work in advocating for consumer rights and protections. His leadership at FCCC has been marked by a proactive approach to addressing consumer concerns, ensuring transparency in business transactions, and enhancing consumer education. Under his guidance, the FCCC has launched impactful initiatives to empower consumers with information, enabling them to make informed choices and safeguarding their interests in the marketplace.


  • Pre-Forum Event: Strengthening Independent Energy Regulations hosted by OPERA, SPC, and ADB