ACEF Speaker

Josef. M Ullmer

President Director & Regional Executive Asia, Oceania,

Dr. Josef M Ullmer is seasoned Energy Professional in the Electricity Field active in Asia and Oceania for the last four decades. During his career, he has built numerous strategic initiatives for AIS & GIS substation, Thermal Power Plants, Gas Combined Cycle Power Plants until he found his passion for Hydro Power Plants in the Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. Josef, as an Electrical Engineer, has extensive experience in the business development, design, manufacturing, installation and operation and maintenance of Hydro Power projects. Renewable Sustainable Electric Energy and the challenges of integrating intermittent Solar and Wind with Hydro Pump Storage solution as well as providing Hydro Power to produce Green Hydrogen will be his focus, for the future to contribute to net zero emission goals in the manageable timeframe.


  • Spotlight Session: Harnessing Pumped Storage Hydro for Sustainable Energy Solutions