ACEF Speaker

Kembo Mida

Chief Executive Officer,
Chuuk Public Utility Corporation, Fsm

Kembo Mida has been the CEO of the Chuuk Public Corporation (CPUC) for the past 6 years. He is also the interim CEO for the Association of Micronesia Utilities. He is a partner in the Ramp & Mida Law Firm and owns a hotel and restaurant (L5 Hotel) in Chuuk State. Since becoming the CEO, CPUC’s grant funding has increased from $10M to over $50M, with another $20M in the pipeline for 2024. Half of the grant funding is for water and sanitation while the other half is for renewable energy. Chuuk's access to energy rate is less than 30%. The current renewable energy project will increase the access rate significantly. The biggest challenges to the ongoing projects are the lack of local capacity, high costs of goods and services to the remote islands, politics, and outmigration. When not working, Mr. Mida is an avid fisherman.


  • Regional Session: Pacific Energy Transition Challenges, Opportunities, and Way Forward