ACEF Speaker

Kris Moon

Urban Development Specialist,
Asian Development Bank

Kris currently holds the position of Urban Development Specialist as part of Urban Sector Group in Sustainable Development and Climate Change department at the Asian Development Bank. She leads an initiative entitled Integrated and Innovative Solutions for More Livable Cities, which is an urban flagship technical assistance program to test and mainstream more integrated approaches to urban development and by using appropriate innovative technologies and solutions to solve livability issues faced by urban dwellers in Asian developing cities. Prior to joining ADB, Kris led Strategic Planning and Partnership team at the Seoul Urban Solutions Agency working with international organizations including ADB, World Bank and EBRD to further urban development efforts through benchmarking Seoul’s development experiences. She also has more than a decade of experience in the private sector, high-tech start-up and non-profit organization which brings her a wealth of creativity and multi-layered perspective in solving complex urban development challenges.