ACEF Speaker

Kul Man Ghising

Managing Director,
Nepal Electricity Authority

Mr. Kul Man Ghising is the Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA). In the past,he has served as the Managing Director for NEA and Chilime Hydropower Company, Chairman for different hydropower companies. He also served as an energy Adviser to Natural Resource – Energy sub-committee of Constitution Assembly from 2008 to 2012. Mr. Ghising has more than 26 years of professional experience in power generation, transmission, distribution, and trading business including contract management, dispute settlement and financing in hydropower projects. Mr. Ghising has an Executive MBA degree from ACE Institute of Management in 2011. He has a Master's degree in Power System Engineering from Nepal in 2003 and B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from India in 1994.


  • Deep Dive Workshop: Solarizing Sustainability – Catalyzing Clean Energy Collaborative Action in Asia and the Pacific
  • Regional Session: Power Trade for Carbon-Neutral South Asia