ACEF Speaker

Lanvin Concessao

Senior Program Associate - Energy,
World Resources Institute India

Lanvin Concessao is a Senior Program Associate for the Energy Program at WRI India, where he specializes on energy access for development. Lanvin provides guidance to development partners in climate vulnerable Indian states to design, implement and assess the impact of clean energy solutions in the health, education and livelihoods sectors. Prior to joining WRI, Lanvin worked at Oorja Solutions, where he was involved in project planning and management of solar projects for productive use appliances, as well as local partnership building. He has also worked as a consultant at FAO and UNDP, supporting the deployment of solar hybrid systems in multiple UN Country Offices across Asia and Africa, as part of the UN’s Greening the Blue initiative. Lanvin holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Manipal University, India and a master’s degree, with a specialization in Renewable Energy Systems, from University of Strathclyde, UK.