ACEF Speaker 2021

Michael Carroll

CEO/President/Chairman of the Board,
Helios Altas

Michael is a long-time innovator and Family man with a passion for nature and living life to the fullest. His earlier works include the oversight of $50MM construction projects, specializing in OSHPD Highrise Building Hospital Construction, including clean rooms, and surgical rooms. He has been in the environmental business since 2001 working to help lessen the impact of petroleum by increasing efficiency and reducing emissions, as well as optimizing utilization of current oil field resources.

Mike has been an integral part of creating and developing technologies in the energy field and holds multiple patents in over 70 countries. His work includes establishing worldwide international distribution and supply chains as well as setting up local offices and training local operation and sales forces. As the energy industry has grown so has Mike’s interest and vigor for being a part of new, safe, clean energy.


  • Innovative Technology & Startup Showcasing (ADB Ventures, Technology Innovation Challenge)