ACEF Speaker

Michelle Hallack

Senior Energy Specialist,
World Bank

Michelle Hallack is a senior economist passionate for sustainable development and energy transition. She has more than 17 years of experience. She is currently senior specialist at the World Bank, leading the Clean Cooking Fund. As senior energy economist Michelle Has also been involved with key Clean Hydrogen initiatives at ESMAP. Previously, she was responsible for the Energy Division’s knowledge agenda at the Inter-American Development Bank, where she coordinated the knowledge team, led the development of Latin America Energy Hub, coordinate initiative for behavioral changes, tariff design, subsidies reforms and started the clean H2 platform for Latin America and Caribbean. Moreover, she has been an Energy Policy Advisor at the Florence School of Regulation. Before joining the IDB, Michelle worked for both public and private sectors around the world (including in Europe, Latin American and Asia).


  • Deep Dive Workshop: Electrifying Cooking - Innovative Approaches and Business Models for Asia and the Pacific