ACEF Speaker 2021

Peerapat Vithayasrichareon

Lead Analyst in System Integration of Renewables,

Peerapat Vithayasrichareon leads the IEA analysis on the challenges and best practices in integrating renewable energy into the power system, covering technical, economic and institutional aspects. He has led grid integration analysis in many regions including China, Indonesia, Thailand and ASEAN. Prior to the IEA, Peerapat was a Senior Consultant at Intelligent Energy Systems in Australia, where he took on advisory projects related to power sector planning and renewable integration in ASEAN. His previous role was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets at UNSW Sydney, leading a project which examined the impact of high renewables in the Australian electricity sector. He also worked for Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) in power system operation and planning. Peerapat holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of New South Wales, Australia.


  • Deep Dive Workshop: From Dreams to Reality: Achieving NDCs through Power Sector Planning and Implementation (USAID, NREL, IEA, GIZ, WRI)