ACEF Speaker

Priyanka kaushal

IIT Delhi

Prof. Priyanka kaushal is a faculty at the Centre for Rural Development and Technology (CRDT), Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Prof. Kaushal is a Chemical Engineer by training, she did her graduation and doctoral research in chemical engineering. Prof. Kaushal has worked near the interface between Energy Systems, Society and Climate Change for last eighteen years. Prior to joining IIT Delhi, she has worked with TERI, RENET Austria, Dalhousie University, Canada, Institute of Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economics, University of Calgary, Canada. At IIT Delhi, Prof. Kaushal is working on technology development, designing and evaluating pathways to decarbonize the energy and material systems in India. Over the years, she has successfully delivered bi-lateral, multi-lateral, public and private funded projects. She has co-authored more than 85 publications to date.