ACEF Speaker

Salil K Sen

Sustainability "Living Labs" Professor: MDIS Singapore (pro bono); IIM Shillong; UPPA Pau France; Chula Grad Sch Bangkok

Water Waste Energy interrelatedness navigates Salil’s Career pursuit on Sustainability. Exacerbation of Climate, Covid, Conflict, Carbon, Cyberwarps creates silos. Derived from these challenges is the value proposition: Sustainability Seamlessness, that unfurls, integrates, enables, enhances bankability of habitats spanning marine <> terrestrial <> riverine <> coastal <> island spaces. Seamlessness ushers Rurbanization that shuns clutter, drives decentralization, stimulates differentiation creating robust rural aligned with smart urban, given the equilibrium of water waste energy. This is expressed as an innovative acronym: W W E_Own = “We Own” {water waste energy}, {"We" aligns policymakers, processors, ESG-compliant financiers, AI-informed community}. Credentials from the Earth Institute at Columbia University, New York on ‘Integrated approaches to Sustainable Development Practice’ and Global Survivability Studies at Kyoto University, Japan. There is a blend of #corporate sector projects #Sustainability “Living Labs” at reputable institutes of higher learning in twenty plus W W E-variant habitats (countries) # Consulting at Multilateral Development Institutions and Energy Research Institutes. The lifelong learning quest is real for me that emanates from curiosity and passion for something new, novel, and niche. These traits complements my #consulting and #capacity building as an enabler and facilitator.