ACEF Speaker 2021

Saurav Kumar

CEO and Founder,
Euler Motors

Saurav Kumar is the CEO and co-founder of Euler Motors, an automotive start-up focused on transforming transportation in the country with electric vehicles. He leads product development and business functions.

Saurav is an innovator who is fascinated with technology and work on driving advancements that helps to make lives better. Before Euler Motors, Saurav co-founded Cube26 Software Pvt. Ltd, a successful mobile technology platform that helps to improve consumer engagement experience. Cube26 was funded by Tiger Global and Flipkart. Cube26 was acquired by Paytm at the beginning of 2018.

An alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering, he had successfully raised funds from DSIR to build an autonomous ground vehicle. After completing engineering, he joined INRIA in France where he worked on the next generation of Driving Assistance Systems to mitigate roadside accidents. Later, he joined Cornell University’s Master’s program in Computer Science focusing on Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. During his Cornell days, he worked on building a machine learning and computer vision system for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles that received the accolade from the Office of Naval Research, U.S.A.


  • Spotlight Session: Innovative Technology & Startup Showcase (ADB Ventures, Technology Innovation Challenge)