ACEF Speaker

Seok-Jai Choi

Korea Energy Agency

With over 25 years’ work experience in Korea Energy Agency(KEA), Mr. Seok-Jai Choi is an MRV specialist for emission reduction activities, especially in energy and industry sector. He is a director in International Cooperation Division of KEA. KEA is a public entity for energy efficiency, renewable energy deployment and climate change mitigation of Korea. He has managed boiler and pressure vessel inspection scheme of Korea for 12 years, with experiencing various energy facilities as a field inspector for 4 years. He holds a qualification as in-use inspector for boiler and pressure vessel by NBBI of USA. And he also served in standardization and product certification in renewable energy sector for 5 years. Especially, he managed CDM DOE function of KEA and audited various CDM projects in developing countries for seven years. Currently, he manages government support programs of Korea related to Article 6 activities of Paris Agreement to facilitate the global GHG mitigation activities. He is also engaged in ODA programs, feasibility studies, pilot demonstration projects, investment programs for ITMO and 6.4ER and funds to achieve NDC target of Korea.


  • Deep Dive Workshop: Collaborative Dynamics in Clean Energy: Roles of Governments, International Organizations, and the Private Sector