ACEF Speaker

Shivam Gupta

Senior Project Manager,
Environmental Design Solutions Private Limited

"Shivam has experience in the field of energy efficiency, energy conservation policies & its implementation. He led the team at ECBC Cell in Delhi State Designated Agency (Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Management Centre) from 2017-18. He has assisted EESL in their Super-Efficient Air Conditioner program, Safe disposal of appliances program and development of several tools and dashboard to scrutinize their processes. He has also managed the BEE's Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) feasibility program for 100 projects across India as a project coordinator. Currently, he is assisting Indian Railways in decarbonisation vision, developing the energy efficiency retrofit program for Indian Railways existing buildings and also responsible for capacity building of IR mid-level & senior level executives. He is a BEE Certified Energy Auditor & IGBC Accredited Professional."


  • Session 2.2: Energy Efficiency in Buildings