ACEF Speaker 2021

Subbu Sethuvenkatraman

Research Group Leader,

Dr. Sethuvenkatraman is a research group leader in CSIRO with domain expertise in buildings and HVAC systems. He leads smart buildings research activities in CSIRO. His current research focusses on use of digital technologies to decarbonise the built environment sector.

His research leadership has resulted in development of low energy, renewable based cooling solutions for the built environment sector. He also led development of an industry roadmap for improving the uptake of renewable heating and cooling solutions in Australian built environment.

Subbu has experience leading various national, international initiatives and projects related to renewable integration, air conditioning and building energy efficiency. He chairs the Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) Special Technical Group (STG) on renewable heating and cooling.


  • Innovative Technology & Startup Showcasing (ADB Ventures, Technology Innovation Challenge)