ACEF Speaker

Sunkyoung Lee

Greenethos Lab.

Sunkyoung Lee is a seasoned professional in the fields of climate change and sustainable finance, boasting an impressive 23-year track record that encompasses the financial industry, corporate management, and ESG research institutes. In March 2024, she established GreenEthos Lab to spearhead the exploration and expansion of green technologies, as well as to facilitate the advancement of sustainable finance. She has significantly contributed to the creation of ESG frameworks and models for top Korean financial institutions like the National Pension Service and Mirae Asset Management. she has also undertaken various tasks such as establishing a sustainable disclosure system and setting standards for supply chain audits in response to global ESG regulatory shifts. Currently, she serves as an assessor and committee member for various government agencies, including the Gyeonggi Climate Response Fund, the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Fund, Chungcheongnam-do, the Korea Nuclear Environment Corporation, the Korea Energy Agency and so on, providing expert advice on ESG matters. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration and Economics from Yonsei University, a Master's in Global Real Estate Proptech, and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Climate and Environmental Policy at Sejong University. Her integrated expertise positions her uniquely as a pivotal link in fostering collaboration among policies, financial systems, and industries toward carbon neutrality.


  • Deep Dive Workshop: Collaborative Dynamics in Clean Energy: Roles of Governments, International Organizations, and the Private Sector