ACEF Speaker

Suresh Annepu

Ministry of Power, Government of India

Mr. Suresh Annepu, with 16 years of experience in the power and energy sector, is currently serving as a Director at the Ministry of Power, Government of India. His role involves driving initiatives for electricity markets, clean energy transition, achieving 500GW of non-fossil fuel electricity, policy reforms, and compliance monitoring. With expertise in regulatory affairs, policy formulation, planning, and project management, he actively contributes to India's electricity sector transition, in collaboration with other central ministries. Mr. Annepu played a crucial role in implementation of infrastructure projects worth $376 million under Government flagship programmes for rural and urban electrification, with the aim to enhance the quality of life and socio-economic development of 1.2 billion people living in the country. He has also contributed towards strengthening of power distribution networks in the challenging mountainous regions of Himalayas in Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh, and the North East, ensuring improved access to reliable electricity. Previously, he held key positions at the Central Electricity Authority and the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, overseeing primarily activities related to generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. His expertise spans development of thermal power plants, transmission systems, grid operations, captive coal blocks, hydroelectric potential assessment, and efficient electricity dispatch. His current areas of concern are smart metering, implementation of roadmap for electricity markets, renewable energy development through market mechanisms, clean technologies, energy storage systems, and green hydrogen. Mr. Annepu holds an MBA in Digital Governance and a Master's and Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. His unique perspective includes a focus on energy transition, smart meter adoption, and digital governance in the power industry.


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