ACEF Speaker 2021

Toru Kobayakawa

Deputy Director General, Infrastructure Management Department,
Japan International Cooperation Agency

Toru Kobayakawa is the Deputy Director General of Infrastructure Management Department, leading Energy and Mining Group. He is responsible for the formulation and implementation of JICA’s operational strategy in the energy and mining sectors. He also manages bilateral cooperation projects in the sectors across the world, including master planning, technical assistance, and grant-aid project design. Prior to his current assignment, Toru was a country director for Sri Lanka and the Maldives, taking responsibility for the entire portfolio of JICA operations for the countries. He also worked in JICA overseas offices in India and Sri Lanka, where he led the operational section. Toru holds a bachelor’s degree in aeronautics from the University of Tokyo and a Ph.D. in energy studies from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.


  • Regional Partnerships to Advance Energy Priorities (USAID, DFC, JICA, The Rockefeller Foundation, EFA)