ACEF Speaker

Ulzibayar Zandan

Head of Dispatching Department - Ulaanbaatar Branch,
National Power Transmission Grid

Ulziibayar Zandan is a highly-experienced electrical engineer with extensive technical expertise and exceptional leadership abilities. He graduated from the Mongolian University of Science and Technology in 1999 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Starting his career path as an Electrician, he advanced through roles such as Senior Electrician, Dispatch Engineer, and Senior Engineer, consistently demonstrating proficiency and technical prowess. Currently, Ulziibayar is the Head of the Dispatching Department at the National Power Transmission Grid State-Owned Joint Stock Company. In this role, he ensures efficient and secure operation of the power transmission system, maintaining uninterrupted power flow and remarkable reliability. Notably, he successfully supervised the installation and commissioning of 110 kV Substations during the Ikh Toirog Project, showcasing project management skills. His technical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and leadership qualities have been instrumental in optimizing system performance and overcoming complex challenges.


  • Regional Session: Decarbonizing East Asia: Showcasing Innovative Technical Solutions and Business Models