ACEF Speaker

Vatanak Chheng

Deputy Director,
National Committee For Sub-national Democratic Development Secretariat (NCDDS)

Mr. Vatanak Chheng is currently serving as the deputy director of Program Management and Support Division, at the National Committee of Subnational Democratic Development, in Cambodia. In this role, he led a number of developing partners’ projects, developed new guidelines for the utilization of climate change adaptation funds on gender focused to sub-national administrations, and formed a partnership in create access to low-interest renewable energy (RE) financing. He is a proponent of affordable access to green financing. Prior to NCDDS, Mr. Chheng has spent many years in the petrochemical and oil and gas industry in the United States and Germany. He helped to develop regulatory framework and policies to better manage Cambodia’s the oil and gas energy sector. He holds a bachelor of science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Virginia and a master of business administration from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.


  • Session 1.4: Accelerating Energy Transition through Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship