ACEF Speaker

Vichet Keo

Deputy Director,
Department of Energy Development, General Department of Energy, Ministry of Mines and Energy

Mr. Keo Vichet is a physics graduate with a research interest in PV Module Technologies and Nuclear Physics, and he holds an MSc. in Energy Policy. He has been working in Cambodia's power sector for more than seven years; currently, he is the deputy director of the Department of Energy Development, the Ministry of Mines and Energy. He was actively involved in accelerating and modernizing rural electrification during his term in the Office of Rural Electrification before being assigned to the Chief of Investment Procedures. In addition, his work mainly involved investment in energy infrastructure, accelerating the energy transition, energy statistics, and balance table preparation. He facilitated the development of newly adopted Cambodia's Power Development Master Plan 2022-2040, National Energy Efficiency Policy 2030, and Rooftop Solar Principles. In addition, he has actively participated in discussions and dialogue on GMS/ASEAN Regional Power Market (RPM) Development under ADB's GMS Energy Transition Task Force initiative and meetings under the ASEAN framework, especially under the Regional Energy Policy and Planning, ASEAN Power Grid and the development of ASEAN Energy Outlook.


  • Deep Dive Workshop: Decarbonizing the Energy Sector: The Role of ADB’s Energy Transition Mechanism