ACEF Speaker

Viktoria Locson

Renewable Energy Lead-Asia,
Blue Watter Shipping

Viktoria is a dedicated professional and passionate advocate for renewable energy. With a focus on clean and sustainable solutions, she serves as the Renewable Energy Lead for Asia at Blue Water Shipping. Her expertise in sales and project delivery, combined with her commitment to advancing renewable energy through excellence in logistics, drives success in the renewable industry. Viktoria holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering with a major in Power Engineering and has completed a Masters in Energy Engineering from the University of the Philippines. In addition to their professional achievements, she is also a dedicated athlete. As a triathlete and marathoner, she brings the same determination and discipline to her athletic pursuits as she does to her professional endeavors. With a strong passion for renewable energy, a solid educational background, and a commitment to personal excellence, Viktoria aims to make a significant impact in the renewable energy industry."


  • Deep Dive Workshop: Energy-Food-Water-Climate Nexus: Renewable Energy Solutions for Low Carbon and Resilient Agri-Food Systems