ACEF Speaker

Younkyu Seo

Manager, Ph.D.,
Korea Energy Agency

Dr. Seo is a researcher and manager who majored in architectural engineering and has studied the building energy efficiency field for 10 years in academia and over 6 years in a quasi-governmental organization. His background in both architecture and engineering allowed him to establish his research field at the merging borders of architecture, construction, building physics and building energy efficiency. Since joining the Korea Energy Agency, he has been in charge of policy work rather than research. He operates and manages the zero energy building certification system and realizing Korea's roadmap for mandatory zero energy buildings. He also contributed to the energy efficiency of Korea's buildings by establishing a ZEB mid- to long-term roadmap, ZEB optimization consulting support project, ZEB infrastructure construction support project, and education project to promote the spread of zero-energy buildings. Currently, he is operating the energy-saving design standards for buildings and the zero energy building certification system at the building energy management division of the Korea Energy Agency.


  • Session 2.2: Energy Efficiency in Buildings