ACEF Speaker

Yunsoung Kim

Energy And Space, Inc

"Yunsoung Kim is the founder and CEO of Energy and Space, Inc. Energy and Space is a civil society think tank providing solution-oriented policies for energy transition through a systematic and scientific approach that considers spatial planning in maritime and rural areas. Since receiving her Ph.D. in urban planning from Seoul National University in 2007, she has held leadership roles in climate and renewable energy policy, including regenerating rural areas to respond to the climate crisis, building a hydrogen-based society to achieve carbon neutrality, and analyzing the socioeconomic effects of the offshore wind development. Before founding Energy and Space, Yunsoung worked at Green Energy Strategy Institute and the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation as a research fellow. Yunsoung's expertise lies in the economic analysis of renewable energy systems, local acceptance, and legislation. Yunsoung is a non-executive director of the Korea Energy Agency, a member of the Policy Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA), and co-chair of the Offshore Energy Industry Forum which is a network of Korean offshore wind supply chain companies. Last year, she was honored to receive an award certificate from the MAFRA."


  • Deep Dive Workshop: Collaborative Dynamics in Clean Energy: Roles of Governments, International Organizations, and the Private Sector