ACEF Speaker

Zulpat Aziyeva

Advisor to the CEO,
Project Office for Central Asia on Climate Change and Green Energy

Zulpat Aziyeva brings a rich background in oil, gas, and international maritime transport projects to her role as Advisor to the CEO at the Project Office for Central Asia on Climate Change and Green Energy. With extensive experience in the Middle East and Central Asia, she is uniquely positioned to drive transformative climate initiatives across the region. Zulpat is committed to accelerating the climate transition in Central Asia through strategic policy support, innovation, and robust partnerships. Her responsibilities include spearheading regional actions to combat climate change, developing effective climate policies, enhancing cooperation among nations, and supporting cutting-edge research and innovation. Zulpat also focuses on promoting partnerships and collective action, as well as enhancing awareness and capacity building, to ensure a cohesive and sustainable approach to environmental challenges. Zulpat’s leadership is instrumental in navigating the complex landscape of energy and environmental sustainability, ensuring that Central Asia progresses towards a greener and more resilient future."


  • Regional Session: Reliability and Flexibility for Carbon Neutral Central, West and East Asia
  • Pre-Forum Event: Meeting Asia’s Energy Demand with 24/7 Renewable Energy Supply hosted by REN21