The App

We are pleased to officially announce that ACEF 2017 is featuring an App for Smart phones and tablets, which will allow all participants to stay updated throughout the week and connect with others in the ACEF community right from their mobile device.

All ACEF participants can download this App for free. Please follow the instructions below to download the App:

Step 1: Download the Guidebook App on your smart phone or tablet through the App store.

To get the app, you can either

  1. Open up your device's web browser and visit
  2. Search for 'Guidebook' in the Apple, Google, or Amazon app stores.

Step 2: Download the ACEF 2017 Guide

  1. In the search box, type in “Asia Clean Energy Forum 2017.”
  2. Tap “Get this Guide” to download the guide.

Step 3: Open the Guide, Check In, and start Interacting with the ACEF Community!

Sample Screen Shots from the App

With this Smart phone/tablet App, you will be able to view the entire ACEF schedule, check out the different Deep Dive Workshops, learn about the Keynote Speakers and Thought Leaders at ACEF, and develop a personalized schedule for the week, all from your mobile device.

Be sure to Check In as an attendee and start networking with other ACEF 2017 attendees. You can do this by tapping “attendees” on the toolbar on the left side of the App. Then tap “Check in to this guide” at the bottom. Once you have checked in, you can start networking with other by tapping the “Interact” feature on the left toolbar.