ACEF 2018 Speaker

Thomas Chrometzka

Director Renewable Energy,
Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


Thomas Chrometzka strongly committed to contribute to transforming the energy sector globally. He currently works with the Thai Ministry of Energy and other governments in Southeast Asia. The goal is to enable a transition to a no/low carbon emission energy supply system. To bring more innovation to the traditional energy sector, Thomas is also building New Energy Nexus Southeast Asia - a start-up support initiative for smart energy innovators.

Thomas recently co-founded SolarLux Ltd. which is an Affiliate to the SolarCoin Foundation. SolarCoin is a blockchain based reward for the producers for solar power. It is a mind-blowing opportunity as it might change the way how renewable energy production is incentivized globally.


  • Session 4: Disrupt or Be Disrupted - Digital Darwinism and its Impact on Energy Systems

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