ACEF 2018 Speaker

Yang Liu

Energy Studies Institute,
National University of Singapore


Dr. Liu Yang is a Senior Research Fellow in Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore. His research interests include energy efficiency, smart energy systems and climate finance. Liu’s current research focuses on the prospects of energy efficiency in ASEAN and China, and integration of renewables and energy efficiency.

Liu has a blend of experience in global industry, government authorities, as well as research in the field of energy. He was previously an energy specialist at the International Energy Agency, where he co-authored the 2015 and 2016 IEA Global Energy Efficiency Market Reports, and provided technical assistance to theChinesegovernment and businesses to improve urban energy systems.He earned his Ph.D. in Energy Economics from the EcolePolytechnique of France.He is an adjunct professor with Harbin Institute of Technology in China.


  • Session 6: Business Model Innovation: Learning from Examples

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